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Application Development

Cross-platform integration for Organizations always ‘On the Go’.

Adaptation and scalability are two indispensable tools for the contemporary organizations. The modern firms seek to provide simple and easy to understand & operate communication cross-platform solutions.

Sanchit Solutions offers web application development that connects your organization with the target audience, bringing in productivity, profitability and real-time communication to every stakeholder.

Our service offerings include

Unmatched User Experience

At Sanchit Solutions, we create unmatched user experiences for your website and apps to improve performance and profitability. Our team focuses to deliver user-centric application designs for easy navigation, engagement and improved conversion. We use the best industry standards to wireframe and prototype the user experiences for quick rollout of your MVP.

Avant-Garde Technology

We specialize in developing applications using current and emerging technologies. Our expertise includes Open Source LAMP Stack, .Net, Ruby, PHP, MVC and more. We also follow proven standards for agile application development and performance optimization through several custom and open-source tools.

Website Design

Impressive Websites that are Responsive and Engaging

There are too many websites online today. Stand out from the crowd with our simple and interactive website design services.

Not only do we take care of the website’s look and feel, our UX designers create a enriching user experience. A right user experience is very critical for successful user engagement. We at Sanchit Solutions, ensure you the the best ROI through our bespoke website design services.

Why Sanchit Solutions for developing and designing your website

  • A long, dependable and trusted 12-years’ history to back our claims.
  • A senior team to look after all website UI and UX management.

  • Design layouts go from ground up, meeting your specific personal, professional and industry needs.
  • Expert and unique teams for each requirement whether it’s content development, design, coding, testing and/or online marketing.

  • Corporate websites, cutting-edge portals or e-commerce websites, we are the Jack Sparrows among web design pirates in India.

  • A guarantee of exceptional application and implementation of SEO skills to get your site top rank in Google SERPs.

Website design and development

While most other web developers tend to create visually impressive site, Sanchit Solutions makes sure that your branding does not go out of the bigger picture. We build a strategy to make your site effective in making people aware about the positioning of your deliverables.

Our web design team comprises of senior designers with more than 12 years’ of experience. Your site is not an experiment, but a proof of creative excellence for them.

Our code geniuses apt in using latest coding standards are dedicated to provide you the innovations truly applicable to desktop and mobile apps. If you need a responsive, secure, attractive and productive site, we can assure you of 100% accuracy.

With optimum stress on making the sites rank at the top of SERPs and compatible with all Social Media platforms, our web design team works hand-in-hand with our SEM team ensuring your site gets the attention it deserves.

With us, you won’t have to take the pain to ask for timely updates and big fixes time and again. Our website maintenance agreement assures you peace of mind even when you are not aware that the content and SEO attributes are always being updated for your success.

Buying your trust more than your products and services!


From window shopping to online shopping

Shopping online has been embraced by millions of customers through multiple avenues i.e. marketplaces and mobile apps. Global and Local businesses have started reaping the rewards. The rise in acceptance by businesses for e-commerce platforms have given way to competition in digital advertising campaigns. Every e-commerce business wants to reach out to their target audiences through cost-per-click campaigns. At Sanchit Solutions, we believe e-commerce is more than just a web platform and not just restricted to online payments. We want your customers to engage with your brand and eventually converge, hence we consider it a very critical solution for your business.

Our E-Commerce Solutions include

Experience with popular Payment Gateways