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The digital landscape is ever-evolving and to keep track and adapt to the changes taking place all the time, organizations need creative, persuasive and target-market oriented digital marketing strategies. Our expertise in analyzing consumer psychology, data driven consumer insights and fully automated content marketing makes sure you do not divert away on the path to attain digital superiority.

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At Sanchit Solutions, we offer a suite of services to strategize, execute, measure and optimize your digital interactions across channels. Our focus is on delivering exceptional digital experience to your audience thereby offering maximum potential for your marketing budget.

The Sanchit Solutions edge in digital marketing:

Our offerings in digital marketing:

  • Digital strategy consulting

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

  • Social media planning & marketing
  • Email marketing

  • Digital campaigns

  • Brand Asset Management

  • Conversion optimization

  • Data Research and Analytics

Future-proof your website ranking with our professional SEO services.

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 Search Engine Optimization

In a constantly changing SEO environment, your site needs to stay updated and relevant to rank high on search engine ranking pages (SERP). With a dedicated workforce that looks after all search engine needs, and acts with proven expertise, you can be sure that we won’t let you down when you need the attention of the target market to stay competitive in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization – The what, why and how

SEO is a process of refinement of the content of a website to keep it relevant, unique and valuable source for website visitors who may be looking for certain information expressed through keywords. This is done to let the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing detect, analyze and rank the site readily for these visitors searching for services / information on your website.

SEO is important because it lets the organizations present their offerings ahead of others in the competition on the web. A good rank can bring unmatched user-attention and thereby increase traffic, awareness and profitability of a firm.

We offer your site a strategically devised plan so that it not only ranks well in SERPs, but also leads in terms of conversion. Our proven expertise makes sure that your site is found in top results in organic searches of the search engines, so that you can enjoy the benefit of being the most easily obtainable service provider in your industry.

Some of our Search Engine Optimization tasks include

  • Competitor analysis
  • Site traffic analysis

  • Keyword research

  • Keyword selection

  • Incoming links report

  • Search engine friendly URLs

  • Stylesheets (H1, H2, CSS, Hyperlinks)

  • Image alt tags

  • Sitemaps, breadcrumbs and footer

  • Robots.txt Inclusion

  • 404 error page optimization

  • XML sitemap creation

  • Link building strategies

  • Title and meta tag optimization

  • Web pages content optimization
  • Google webmaster setup

  • Submission to reputed directories

  • Monthly ranking report

FAQs on our SEO Services

No web designer of developer can claim that. However, we do help you rank better by making your site compatible to search engine crawlers. The ranking is done by search engines, so we cannot guarantee you a top rank.

Site indexing takes a day or two, but ranking is a complex and time-consuming process. Age of the domain, past history of the website, content quality, keyword competitiveness etc. affect the ranking. A well-optimized site needs 3-4 months to show the results.

Mostly not. Google tweaks its algorithm every now and then and releases major updates 2-3 times a year. Therefore, a static strategy cannot stay up to date for long. A website that is maintained well and frequently has a much better chance of staying in order and at a top rank for longer periods.

You don’t usually need optimization for all search engines as Google manages about 90% of searches on web. So, our main focus is always on Google. We, however, do know the developments and ranking factors for search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Our most-loved model is fixed price for a minimum tenure of 6 months. Milestone based payment, BOT (build-operate-transfer) model and one-time consultancy fee models have also been on the cards. Please consult with us to learn which model can be the best for your site.